Massage Therapy & Essential Oils



Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. A return check fee of $50 applies. We do not bill insurance directly, but will give you a receipt to file yourself. 

Arrival, Cancellations, and Lateness

Clients should arrive 15 minutes early to complete and/or update any paperwork. Sessions begin and end at scheduled time. Sessions that begin late because the client arrived late will still end at regular appointed time and are full price. If cancellation is needed, please give 24-hour notice or you will be charged for the appointment. Emergency cancellations are determined at the practitioner's discretion. Do not be under the influence of any substances upon arrival. Do not eat a heavy meal approximately 2 hours prior to appointment time.

Client Requirements

Please arrive in a timely fashion. Provide an accurate health history and update as needed. Do not arrive under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Do not eat a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the appointment. Sexual harassment is not tolerated. If the practitioner's safety feels compromised, the session is ended immediately. We reserved the right to refuse service to anyone not meeting these requirements.


All client information is confidential and HIPPA compliant. All software is compliant and a signature is required for all HIPPA transactions. Each client will be presented with a "Notice of Privacy Policies" form. New clients must sign a separate form stating they have received the Notice of Privacy Policies. Each client must sign a form giving consent for treatment, payment, and health care operations. Clients will provide a health history and update as needed. Privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times. No information will be discussed with any 3rd party unless writer consent or authorization has been obtained. No information will be released to anyone without prior signatures of client on a release form that specifies who is allowed access to the records. Staff will not discuss clients health care when other non staff are present in the office.